Influence of other cultures

Samuel Pufendorf took over this metaphor in a modern context, meaning something similar, but no longer assuming that philosophy was man's natural perfection. His use, and that of many writers after him, "refers to all the ways in which human beings overcome their original barbarismand through artifice, become fully human. Casey wrote, "The very word culture meant 'place tilled' in Middle English, and the same word goes back to Latin colere, 'to inhabit, care for, till, worship' and cultus, 'A cult, especially a religious one. Thus a contrast between "culture" and " civilization " is usually implied in these authors, even when not expressed as such.

Influence of other cultures

In the middle class In the working class Did this help you think about your identities and cultures? How have these different cultures and identities affected your life?

How do you build relationships with people from other cultures?

Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and communities

Here are some steps you can take. They are first listed, and then elaborated upon one at a time. Make a conscious decision to establish friendships with people from other cultures.

Put yourself in situations where you will meet people of other cultures. Examine your biases about people from other cultures. Ask people questions about their cultures, customs, and views. Make a conscious decision to establish friendships with people from other cultures Making a decision is the first step.

In order to build relationships with people different from yourself, you have to make a concerted effort to do so.

There are societal forces that serve to separate us from each other.

Influence of other cultures

People from different economic groups, religions, ethnic groups, and races are often isolated from each other in schools, jobs, and neighborhoods. So, if we want things to be different, we need to take active steps to make them different.

You can join a sports team or club, become active in an organization, choose a job, or move to a neighborhood that puts you in contact with people of cultures different than your own. Also, you may want to take a few minutes to notice the diversity that is presently nearby. If you think about the people you see and interact with every day, you may become more aware of the cultural differences that are around you.

Once you have made the decision to make friends with people different from yourself, you can go ahead and make friends with them in much the same way as with anyone else. You may need to take more time, and you may need to be more persistent. You may need to reach out and take the initiative more than you are used to.

There are good reasons why people have built up defenses, but it is not impossible to overcome them and make a connection.

How Influence Works

The effort is totally worth it. One of the first and most important steps is to show up in places where you will meet people of cultures other than your own. Go to meetings and celebrations of groups whose members you want to get to know. Or hang out in restaurants and other gathering places that different cultural groups go.

You may feel embarrassed or shy at first, but your efforts will pay off.


People of a cultural group will notice if you take the risk of coming to one of their events.So to answer your question, how do cultures influence each other?

Cultures influence each other by offering knowledge, belief, art, customs, et cetera that are compatible with their own values and ways that they perceive the world. A simple example, cellphones. NAIDOC Perth aspires to assist in the promotion, coordination and organisation of NAIDOC week activities in the Perth metropolitan area.

A number of cultural aspects influence the way we interact with other people, including national culture, gender culture, corporate culture and various communication styles. All these elements influence;. Culture influences our lives in a vast number of ways.

There's no short way to answer this question, but with a few short excerpts from other sources you can make your own way down the rabbit hole*. Any time cultures interact, via trade, immigration, conquest, colonization, slavery, religious expansion, ect.

they impact each other and cause culture change. Ideas and cultural concepts are constantly spreading and moving and changing. Food is a really great example. Chop Suey was actually born in.

Mar 09,  · Other cultures view time synchronically, as a constant flow to be experienced in the moment, and as a force that cannot be contained or controlled.

In sequential cultures (like North American, English, German, Swedish, and Dutch), businesspeople give full attention to .

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