Alcopop tax

Description[ edit ] There are a variety of beverages produced and marketed around the world as well as within each market which are described as coolers or alcopops. In Europe, Canada, and South Africa coolers tend to be pre-mixed spirits, including vodka e.

Alcopop tax

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Two decades ago alcopops caused a wave of concern that led to increased taxes and new regulations for drinks makers.

Was the panic justified? The names and the labels were garish. But Alcopop tax as garish as the colours and flavours. Lurid green might be lime. Carmine red might be cherry or watermelon. They were sugary and, in the mids, they were suddenly everywhere.

Walk into a student Alcopop tax in that period and you would see dozens of freshly initiated drinkers making "blastaways" by mixing Castaway and Diamond White cider. Slumping followed shortly thereafter. Bacardi Breezer, launched in the UK inand Smirnoff Ice were the heavyweights of the alcopop sector.

Alcopop tax

But surrounding them were an ever-growing coterie of brash siblings. There was WKD, launched inand later the progenitor of wave after wave of laddish advertising. The drinks industry might have preferred to call them "flavoured beverages", but in every British newspaper they were simply alcopops.

After the first arrivals in concern grew until, bythe term was in widespread use.

Alcopop tax

Two Dogs lemon-based alcopop devised by Australian farmer looking for ways to use glut of lemons Hooper's Hooch sells 2.

DoH study reveals alcohol consumption of children aged 11 to 15 who were drinkers, up from 5. Hooper's Hooch discontinued brand was reintroduced in Health secretary calls for 50p tax hike on alcopops Australia introduces tax on alcopops Alcohol and how to stay healthy Newspaper headlines screamed of the danger that children would be inveigled into drinking by clever marketing and branding.

Supermarkets, like Iceland, took a stand by withdrawing alcopops. The drinks industry had to respond to the deluge of negative publicity. The Portman Group, funded by alcohol producers, had been set up in to encourage responsible drinking.

But its first code of practice was directly prompted by the alcopop furore in One of the first complaints was from Alcohol Concern.

They argued that the cartoon lemon on Hooper's Hooch appealed to unders. Owners Bass accepted the findings and changed their packaging. In the years since, the majority of complaints to the group have been about the "ready-to-drink" category, which includes alcopops.

But even with industry self-regulation, for the critics, the damage was already done. We're seeing people dying from liver disease now in their twenties and thirties which used to be completely unheard of. Consumption of alcohol, having reached a peak inis declining in the UK.

The number of people who never drink is rising. The alcopops were too expensive for the teenagers. They weren't interested in lemonade Dr Alasdair Forsyth Sociologist Dr Alasdair Forsyth believes that even in the s the impact of alcopops on young drinkers was greatly exaggerated.

During his research in that period he asked young people what alcohol they had consumed and whether they became drunk on that occasion.


They weren't interested in lemonade. Much of that decline has been in alcopops. The flavoured cider market is booming. Brands like Kopparberg flavours include elderflower and lime and mixed fruit and Rekorderlig flavours include mango-raspberry and strawberry-lime have rapidly become prominent.

The tastes of young people have changed. The Magazine on drinking less.Liquor To perform search, start with first letter of Brand Name / Warehouse Name: Fields marked in * are mandatory.

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